In IEEE Mansoura Student Branch, committees are established by forming different groups of volunteers with each group having a specific job description that is need for the execution of our events to go smoothly.

our commetties

Public Relations:

  • Responsible for external communications (speakers, VIPs and booths).
  • Writing and publishing press releases through various media channels.
  • Dealing with media sponsors.
  • Creating a database of media sponsors, speakers and VIPs.
  • Responsible for the reception team, hosting speakers and VIPs.
  • Building relationships with different communities.
  • Writing down the mails required to communicate with the speakers.

Financial Resources:

  • Innovating ideas for different ways of fundraising.
  • Updating databases with potential sponsors.
  • Dealing with partners and sponsors.
  • Preserving sustainable fund for the branch's treasury.


  • Responsible for preparing the database of venues, merchandise and branch treasury.
  • Supplying branch with necessary logistics needs.
  • Responsible for preparations for venues (decorations, organizing and technical support) and also for permissions.


  • Plan and execute the multimedia strategy.
  • Create the required designs and videos according to their strategy.
  • Provide photography and video coverage for events.
  • Create the required designs for the website.


  • Manage the branch’s online presence (social media channels and website).
  • Plan and execute marketing strategies.
  • Prepare online and offline campaigns.
  • Create content for online channels.
  • Conduct market research.
  • Responsible for copyrighting and for brand image of the branch.