Frequently Asked Questions

IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It's the world's largest non-profit technical organization, that continuously promotes the development and application of electro-technology and related disciplines for the benefit of humanity and the advancement of the profession with over 3285 student branches all around the world.
IEEE ManSB was established in 2011 as one of the IEEE student branches in region 8 that includes Europe, Middle East and Africa. It is one of the reputable student activities in Mansoura University that aim to raise the awareness of students in technical fields.
  • Career Insider: A conference that aims to help students explore their own path and find their future careers.
  • IEEE Olympics: Multi-field major competitions inspired by the Olympic games’ spirit. The three winning teams of each competition are awarded.
  • Tech Elixir: Multiple workshops in technological fields to help students get into particular work lives
  • Code Steps: Organized annually to emphasize the importance of learning computer science to students in schools.
  • Robots' Cemetery: A robot-fighting competition in which teams build their own fighting robots.
  • Code Door: A 5-hour problem solving challenge in which students compete against each other.

We continuously work throughout the year towards our goal, that is to bring students closer to the labor market.
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We recruit volunteers every year to help build our community through the lens of our vision, and to be part of our blue entity.

We usually announce the recruitment at the end of the winter semester. Stay tuned for our recruitment announcements throughout our social media platforms!

IEEE can help you in this whether you are a volunteer or not. We can help you through our events, blogs, and posts.
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It is not only about being a part of IEEE ManSB, or even the IEEE Egypt community. It is also about cooperating with others, dealing with foundations, teamwork, planning and just the contribution to the society. All these reasons are just enough for anyone who wants to contribute to themselves and their career lives, or to help improve our society.
  • Volunteering: IEEE offers you the chance to play a key role in the future of the organization. From technical and student activities to student outreach, membership development, and history, you can impact your area of expertise. This is done through student branches, technical chapters, and affinity groups.
  • Membership: IEEE delivers access to the industry's most essential technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools, and many other exclusive benefits through memberships costing from US$13.5 to US$27 annually.